A Night with Ghosts: Haunted Adventures in NW Portland (A Tour You Might Want to Forget)

Paranormal happenings in historical NW Portland. Cartoon Image of wood pile flying at Oregonian Reporters on NW Mashall street.

Tour Details

A Night With Ghosts: A tour you might want to forget

Tour Description

Experience Portland's paranormal heritage as we investigate several historic ghost lore gathered from elders, books, medical journals, alienists, spiritualists, and 100s of newspaper accounts of hauntings in NW Portland. Our ghost tours stop at three locations where the spirits are known to be less than peaceful as well as locations where the spirits have moved on. We'll seek out the ghost of Agnes Reid's son, little Ernest Harp's poltergeist playmate, the Lady Over the Bar. Our ghost tours are not for the faint of heart or those under the age of 12.


Our tour meets outside on the porch of Anna Bannanas 1214 NW 21st Place Portland, OR 97210. The walking tour is 90 minutes long and is 100% outside. Buildings with documented hauntings in the 1800s and 1900s are empty lots now, to honor the true history of the hauntings of Slabtown & Nob Hill our tour guide Tanya March PhD has stuck with the historic locations for all stops. This tour takes place on Halloween, Fridays and Saturdays in October, and Saturday nights at 8 PM year-round. We are always willing to take requests for additional nights by direct email or waitlist on our Peekpro booking system.

Tour Highlights

  1. The American Inn: a large apartment house near Twenty-first and Northrop streets was constructed using repurposed material from the American Inn Hotel. Join our tour and learn why the American Inn, managed by Mrs. J. T. McCready, was the sole hotel on the grounds of the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition held in Portland, Oregon, in 1905. 
  2. Joe’s Cellar dive bar's former names include Nimar Cafe, Dinner Bell, Ace of Diamonds and the Smoke Stack ``classic Portland dive bar with unmatched longevity” during the move from the Union Station neighborhood the building attracted some unearthly residents.  What happens in Joe’s Cellar stays in Joe’s Cellar. 
  3. Millionaires Row there is little left to show that once it was the city's most elegant avenue. There are five remaining mansions of the fifty-five long-lost elegant structures that once graced Northwest Portland Nob Hill neighborhood 
  4. John Callahan Memorial Garden be prepared for some dark humor in a collection of his comics, a perfect balance of wicked humor to shake off any lingering ghosts. This garden is dedicated to Portland's most legendary cartoonist a quadriplegic who volunteered for the adjacent hospital and was a strong advocate for disability rights.   

Teaser of Dr. March's favorite poltergeist:  The strange story of Ernest Harps


Living tour guests: $40
Ghosts tour guests with death certificate free.


Our evening tours are not for the faint of heart or those under the age of 12. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to start time. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing that are appropriate for the weather. It’s a good idea to bring a hat, sunglasses, and a jacket or umbrella if there’s a chance of rain.  We allow friendly leashed dogs on our tours. There are no refunds for no shows. Tours run rain or shine.  We can often accommodate a friend if the walking tour you booked is sold out. You should receive a text for your tour guide in advance of the tour.  If you will be arriving late, reply to the text so that the guide can direct you to a meet up location at a later stop point on the tour. We ask that you do not provoke the spirits or other guests during the tours.

Yes, you can take pictures during our tours. The waiver is just protecting the copyright holders of our historic images.  We are at our core a history tour company.  Some guests and friends have had sucess photographing orbs; the circular shape spirits take on makes it easier for them to move around and is often the first state they appear in before they become a full-bodied apparition.