Streets of the Alphabet District

1891 – Renaming the Alphabet District Streets
Research by Tanya Lyn March, PhD

A frequently asked question: “Where is the A street?”
It is located south of West Burnside in downtown Portland.

A Street – Ankeny for Captain Alexander P. Ankeny, Riverboat Captain
B Street – Burnside for David W. Burnside, Portland Merchant
C Street – Couch for Captain John H. Couch, Sea Captain
D Street – Davis for Anthony Davis, First Justice of the Peace
E Street – Everett for Edward Everett, Portland Businessman
F Street – Flanders for Captain George Flanders, Sea Captain
G Street – Glisan for Dr. Rodney Glisan, Physician
H Street – Hoyt for Captain Richard Hoyt, Sea Captain
I Street – Irving for Captain William Irving, Sea Captain
J Street – Johnson for A. H. Johnson, Meat Business
K Street – Kearney for Edward S. Kearney, U.S. Marshal
L Street – Lovejoy for Asa L. Lovejoy, Lawyer and City Founder
M Street – Marshall for Captain John Marshall, Boat Captain
N Street – Northrup for Edward Northrup, Businessman.
O Street – Overton for William O. Overton, Former Owner of Downtown Portland
P Street – Pettygrove for Francis Pettygrove, Founded City in 1843
Q Street – Quimby for L. P. Quimby, Early Hotel Owner
R Street – Raleigh for Patrick Raleigh, Early Merchant
S Street – Savier for Thomas Savier, Early Merchant (Scott Street in 1891)
T Street – Thurman for G. William Thurman, Telegraph Co.
U Street – Upshur for Able P. Upshur, U.S. Secretary of State                                                                                                                                          There is an effort to rename this street for Doctor DeNorval Unthank a local Civil Rights leader.
V Street – Vaughn for George Vaughn, Early Merchant
W Street – Wilson for Dr. Robert B. Wilson, Early Physician
X Street – Roosevelt for President Theodore Roosevelt
Y Street – York for the slave of William Clark, an explorer on the Lewis and Clark Expedition (street naming made official in 2002)