Murder, Mayhem & Oddities of St. Johns

Mub shot of Martha Bower age 42 11, 2, 1905. Life for Murder.
Born and raised in St. Johns Martha Bowers involved her sister in a 1903 tale of adultery and murder San Francisco. File under crazy vacation.

Murder, Mayhem & Oddities - St. Johns, PDX

Experience St. Johns paranormal and criminal heritage as we take to the streets to converse about the history that is left out of the history books. We will take our guests to locations where the spirits are known to be less than peaceful. This is a walking tour with steep grades. Bring your rain gear and walking shoes and use a restroom before you join the tour. Gear up to learn about cautionary tales including Elizabeth Huff Byars' murderous daughters, Thelma A. Taylor's ghost, the theater poltergeist, the Doppelganger, and the local eugenists Better Baby Contest. Our evening tours are not for the faint of heart or those under the age of 12.

Roosevelt Student Thelma Taylor's killer leads police to her body. Cover Story Oregonian August 12, 1949.