Nob Hill Fun Fact #53 What bands might you have seen…1970s?

Question: What bands might you have seen at NW 21st and Irving in the 1970s?

Answer: Just to name a few: Dead Kennedys, The Ramones, The Dils, The Wipers, Rubbers, Smegma, Stiphnoyds, Inputs, Cleavers…  Numerous punk rock/new wave bands played at The Earth Tavern at 632 NW 21st.  The club offered all ages shows and some of the live recordings have made it in onto Youtube. This fun fact was a spin off from a real estate agent continuing education class I led last month.  Once we returned to the  Coldwell Banker Bain office at 636 NW 21st I was asked about the history of their office building.  I’m sure none of  these punk flyers are going up on the walls at the office.  Below I also imported in a flyer from a Food Front Fundraiser that included poets in-between sets, the local resident and author of Geek Love Katherine Dunn was on the list.