Fun Fact #48 Which poet has a pocket park honoring her in Nob Hill?

Text "Designer John Laursen supervises pouring at the Hazel Hall Memorial on NW 22nd Place in 1995.

Answer: Hazel Hall  “The Hazel Hall Poetry Garden”

Hazel Hall began writing at age 9- three years later she contracted scarlet fever. Scarlet fever is treatable today with antibiotics and many of us have had strep throat with a high fever; there was no treatment offered in 1898 and she was left paralyzed. She spent most of her life inside a small home in Portland’s Nob Hill, wheelchair bound, sewing for a living and writing poetry for her soul. On Mother’s Day in 1995, a small park was opened to the public, it replaced a few parking spots next to the home where Hazel Hall died in 1924. The park north of 106 NW 22nd Place was funded by the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission the outstanding feature of the park is the granite markers engraved with her poems.