Fun Facts #12 Would Jesus have shopped here?

He may not have been a regular customer, but many shoppers were very “faithful”
to this 23rd Avenue business.
Image Credit Mike Ryerson

Would Jesus have shopped here?

When Jon Heil opened his Better Beef & Bible store in the summer of 1976, rents for prime retail spaces on the not-yet-Trendy-Third Avenue were still very inexpensive. The sharp young marketing graduate took a chance and opened a small shop in the former Arrow Ambulance office at the corner of NW 23rd & Hoyt Street to specialized in what he loved best. Good quality beef,and the good book.Heil, who was a Christian, had been a sales-man for Attilla Meat Company, so he knew his merchandise well.  His unique business served the neighborhood until the early 1980s . . . mostly with beef.