Articles by Dr. Tanya Lyn March in the NW Examiner

2016 Northwest Examiner Articles

“History in a Heap” pp. 1 & 22. April 2016.  Link to Full Issue.

“Facing Demolition, Firehouse No. 3 Held to Standard of Uniqueness” pp. 25-28. May 2016. Link to Full Issue.

“1880s Building Slated for Demolition” p 1 & p 5.  September 2016. Link to Full Issue

“Forgotten Cemeteries Tell Story of Ultimate Exclusion” pp. 9-10. Link to Full Issue.

2017 Northwest Examiner Articles

“Chinatown Streetscape Hangs By a Thread” p 10. March 2017. Link to Full Issue.

“Children Policing Children: War housing district relied on youth volunteers to keep the peace” pp. 11-12. July 2017. Link to Full Issue.

“Junior Fire Brigade Served World War II Housing Project” p. 13.  August 2017. Link to Full Issue.

“Rare Tree Makes Last Stand: Dying Heritage Tree on School Playground Radically Pruned for Safety”

p. 10. December 2017. Link to Full Issue.

2018 Northwest Examiner Articles

“Remains of Ancient Martyr Find Their Way to Slabtown” pp 10-11. April 2018.  Link to Full Issue.

“Russian Spies Once at Home in Goose Hollow” pp. 9-10. August 2018.  Link to Full Issue.


“Old Couch School Became Fire Trap” pp. 9-10. September 2018.  Link to Full Issue.

“Portland’s Poltergeist: The Kidnapping of Ernest Harps”  pp 10-11. November 2018.  Link to Full Issue.