Nob Hill Fun Fact #52 Why do some curbs in Portland have metal curb guards?

Question: Why do some curbs in Portland have metal curb guards?
Curb on NW19th and Flanders, Summer 2019.
 There are existing historic street pavements in Northwest Portland that were installed prior to the annexation of East Portland, Albina & St. Johns.  Many sidewalk curbs in the Alphabet Historic District had a simple “N” the mason’s kit was not missing the letter “W”.  The wrote iron or meta edge iron curb is not unique to Portland. And were often installed along dirt roads.  In the United States the metal on curb corners was used to prevent damage from the steel wheels of wagons just after the turn of the 19th century.

Pedestrian Facilities and ADA Compliance has over time slowly replaced a curiosity enjoyed along our tour routes. The arrival of tactile paving and curb cuts is laudable we only ask that you appreciate those that remain from our days when horses were the main source of transportation.  Lucky the horse rings are protected under current codes.  Our tours guests and guides appreciate that in 1903 the city phased out wooden sidewalks; the wooden sidewalks must have been quite slippery.

COVID-19 has stopped our tours for now. My family and I created a fun Curb Guard Scavenger Hunt. Link