Historic Curiosity Fun Fact #24 Baby raised by a local store?

Postcard image of a baby bursting out of an image of Downtown Portland Meier and Frank Store text: Nadine Inez-The Meier and Frank employees' foster baby now weighs 9lbs. 14oz.-a gain of 7lbs. 14 oz.-since birth---she is grateful to the employees for all their love, good wishes and kindness.

Where are they now?

Nadine Inez and her twin were abandoned at the downtown Meier & Frank Store (601 SW 5th Ave.) during the Great Depression.  This image of Nadine Inez is from a postcard owned by Webfooter Stephen Kenney; he has asked Norm Gholston and Tanya March to share this image broadly in hopes that we can find Nadine Inez and interview her.  This postcard is from 1932, it is our understanding that the staff at Meier & Frank raised at least one of the the foundlings in the store for two years prior to the child’s adoption.
 As we learn more the team will post leads and artifacts on this post.
I believe they named the twins EMMIE and EFFIE….Gerry

A jpeg from a scrapbook arrived in our e-mail.  Looks like we are getting closer.